About Our Fishing Product Supplies Company

Southway Bait Sales began back in 1997 when the sale of “Billy Boy” Enterprises took place. William Merck started making the “Amazing” Chena Bait back in 1967 from Alaska. He also started making the Flagel Bait Rigs after Clarence Flagel came up with the design, made out of a clothes hanger.

I, Tom Chier, had the privilege of using these products as a young angler. I started fish guiding in Alaska in 1981, and have guided in Wisconsin ever since. Other than the passion for fishing I also have a passion to help others learn new techniques to help them catch more fish.

Our Company is known for creating new color combinations and to reproduce old lures/jig colors not found anywhere else. Our company makes 10 different sizes of lead head jigs, 5 different sizes of glow body ice jigs, as well as perch eye and lady bug ice jigs. Some other products we make include spinners, spoons, harnesses, and leeders made of mono and stainless steel. But the most important is our skin-like material that is paper thin, white in color, comes in an 1 inch by 3 inch roll and when cut in a ⅛ by ½ inch piece for panfish mimicking a wax worm. Or a ⅛ by 3 inch piece mimicking a crawler for trout. The “Amazing” Chena Bait becomes fluid in motion and will allow a person to catch up to 25 panfish on 1 piece (it is that tough) !

Chena Bait will become one of your favorite baits. Our goal is to help you catch more fish, 

and you won’t want to go fishing with out our baits ! So stop in at 27 E. John Street, 

Markesan, Wisconsin or call us at (920) 398-3791. You can also order online or over the phone 

at (888) 203-3373.